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    Gigi Hadid Opens Up About Co-Parenting and Balancing Work and Motherhood

    Gigi Hadid, the model and mom, is navigating the delicate balance of co-parenting her daughter while pursuing her professional aspirations. In a conversation with NET-A-PORTER, she shed light on this juggling act and the intentionality it requires.

    As a co-parent with her ex, Zayn Malik, Gigi emphasized the importance of making the most of her time when her daughter, Khai, is with her dad. She stated, “I think when you are a parent, you have to be intentional because, now, I literally have half the time.” During those moments, she focuses on her work and ensures that the projects she takes on are personally fulfilling.

    Gigi’s dedication extends to her hobbies and quality time with Khai. She’s revisiting her old pastimes, from ceramics to crocheting, while bonding with her daughter. She even humorously described crocheting Khai a unicorn during a six-hour flight.

    Khai has also played a role in Gigi’s work, serving as a “fit model” for Guest in Residence’s upcoming kids’ collection. This mother-daughter duo effortlessly blends family time with Gigi’s professional pursuits.

    Despite their split in 2021, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik prioritize co-parenting and have smoothly transitioned into their roles as dedicated parents to Khai. They share a commitment to raising their daughter, and both have expressed their joy in being involved in her life.

    Zayn Malik, in particular, has spoken about the joy and purpose that fatherhood has brought to his life. He’s determined to set a positive example for Khai and cherishes the vibrant and colorful experience of parenthood.

    In this journey of co-parenting and personal growth, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are focused on providing the best for their daughter while pursuing their own paths.


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